The Wiveton Fruit Farm

I have few pet hates but I can tell you nothing is more annoying than Kath Kidston. When I turn up to a restaurant where everything from the plates down to the table cloth looks like it came straight from the Kath Kidtson Head Quarters I start to fell slightly intimidated by the red dots and little cowboys surrounding me like a hungry pack of wolves. That said the cake was beautiful and the Caesar salad was out of this world, however when you clear your plate you see a hint of a red dot and all the positives about this place disappear, like the cake.


If this cafe had fewer tourists and no Kath Kidston it would be just right, but alas no.

I would rate 7/10


One thought on “The Wiveton Fruit Farm

  1. You and I are as kindred spirits when it comes to Cath Kidston and her dots — but when dealing with lucrative banality on that particular level, we all need to get our facts exactly right. In this case, I think you might be slightly off-mark. Surely the plates at Wiveton Hall are from the stable of the infinitely less alarming Emma Bridgewater? Indeed, I think she has some family connection with Desmond, who is responsible for making, out of what might otherwise have been an intractable and doomed inheritance, a cafe for which I, at least, am hugely grateful. The new goats’ cheese salad this year is beyond amazing. Ditto the panna cotta, even when eaten outside in (literally) gale-force conditions.

    More to the point, though, I do very much like your blog, with its correctly-calibrated scorn for the sort of place where non-ancient diners are, inexplicably, given crayons. It would be lovely to have some more north Norfolk recommendations / condemnations / insights.


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