YO Sushi

It is a rare and occasional treat to spend over fifty quid to watch a conveyor belt trundle around a loop, however it is one of the best pleasures that there is. The last time I went to Yo Sushi I ended up being put on the one table in the entire restaurant that was no where near the conveyor belt.

The good part of Yo Sushi is the Sushi (obviously) however when you take in the fact that no one is there for the food you realise that school food would be much better on a conveyor belt. Gods own truth is that food is better when served on a conveyor belt.

sushiHowever the waiter had the cheek to ask my mum what I wanted. I can order for myself, but I am polite so don’t tell him this, I just stare at him like he is also on the menu. As you may know my pet hate is be treat as a child in a restaurant so after I have stared at him and the miso soup comes I make a show of being very well acquainted with my miso soup saying comments like “needs more seaweed and salt”as loud as possible.

The morale of the story is don’t eat of the menu in Yo Sushi.

I would rate 7/10


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